Map of Washington Farmlet


9 responses to “Map of Washington Farmlet

  1. I just discovered your site and I like it! I like that you use materials from your place. Just started reading, so back to it, just wanted you to know I appreciate it. Nancy on 5 acres in Cinebar WA.

    • Hi Nancy:) I looked up Cinebar and see you aren’t that far from us here in Olalla (between Gig Harbor and Port Orchard). Western WA anyway! Thanks for commenting, and welcome!

  2. Omigosh — Olalla! I’m near Gig Harbor on the Key Peninsula. Howdy, (almost) neighbor! Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

    • Omigosh is right! We probably go to the same Local Boys fruit stand in Purdy. lol Too amazing. I like your blog, too, stuckonzero. 🙂

      • I LOVE Local Boys! They are wonderful — and so is Ray’s meats. How very funny! I’m in Olalla often because we have friends there. I recently read Starvation Heights, Gregg Olsen’s novel about Dr. Linda Burfield Hazzard and her turn-of-the-century sanitarium in Olalla. If you haven’t read it, you should!
        And thank you for liking my blog, too! What a small world it is, indeed.

      • Ray’s Meats, YES! lol A neighbor on our road is a big Starvation Heights fan. She went on a tour of the old house last year, given by Mr. Olsen himself, and took a photo that clearly shows a ghost in the uppper story window. I’ve seen it. 😉 Gregg Olsen was thrilled. I’ve yet to read the book, but it’s on my long list. Maybe short list now! I’m looking forward to getting to know you through your blog, and who knows how our paths might cross?!

      • omigosh! a ghost — that is so chilling! That would really spook me, after reading that book.
        I’m a landjager junkie, and Ray’s has the best. 😉
        I’m looking forward to the same — I told the hubby last night that I had a ‘neighbor’ in the blogosphere and he thought that was pretty cool. Fun stuff! And yep — we might end up at the Taco Truck one day! lol

  3. Love your site and your stories. I can relate to so much, having 2 1/2 acres ourselves (half is hillside) and my husband loses his precious hat too. Just wanted to thank you so much for the kefir. Arrived Friday and is busy working away on the fridge. May have a Saskatoon berry smoothie for breakfast tomorrow – excited about trying it.

    • Thanks, Shirley! I’m so glad you got the kefir quickly. It took 2 weeks to get to Linda — but still it lived. Hope your Saskatoon smoothie is delish!

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