Cast of Characters

Christi — writer

The Bearded One — Christi’s husband; Editor-‘n Cheep; stickman artist


3 Twenty-Something Children — Older Daughter, Younger Nurse Daughter, Son aka His Majesty


NEIGHBORS — As of June, 2013, Momma Goose, Jonah, and Hansel, Gretal, and Batman have all moved from the road…but they still visit.

Momma Goose, Brooklyn Man, Jonah — our poultry mentors


Hansel, Gretel, Batman — children ages 9, 7, and 5 who are homeschooled and visit regularly until they moved in June, 2013 — they still come by, though.


Edeltraut, Mustang Man — elderly married couple, Annual Road Repair People (ARRP).  Note:  Mustang Man’s hair is a white spike, and our son’s hair is a blonded spike.



Ruby — 12-year-old Golden Retriever — who died in August, 2013

Rest in peace, Miss Ruby   2/23/2001 – 8/6/2013

Ruby is a well-trained dog by most reckonings i.e. she can be walked without a leash around other people and other dogs and get a passing grade.

Arly — Beagle (and maybe some others mixed in there somewhere) born on September 12, 2013

Snoopy on Craigslist

Garfield — 7-year-old tabby cat


Laying hens — all born on August 31, 2011 except Kimber — as of October, 2013, the only hens left are Leah, Maybelline, Cheetah, Spot and Stevie.

The new roost accomodates the entire family tree:  Kimber the banty hen mother alone on the top branch; Kimber's chicks on the middle branch in this order -- Dusty, Stevie, Marilyn, Steve, Spot, Tux, Blackie and then, on the end is Leah, a Rhode Island Red chick; the bottom branch has the two Wyandottes, Anna and Danielle, then the two Ameraucana chicks, Jane and Cheetah.  Note the conspicuous size difference between the bantys and the "normal" chickens.

The entire chicken family tree: Kimber the banty hen mother alone on the top branch; Kimber’s chicks on the middle branch in this order — Dusty, Stevie, Marilyn (killed by raccoon), Steve (sold at auction), Spot, Tux (sold at auction), Blackie (killed by raccoon) — and, on the end is Leah, a Rhode Island Red; the bottom branch has the two Wyandottes, Anna and Danielle, then the two Ameraucanas, Jane and Cheetah.

Goats — 6-year-old Pygoras on Goat Mountain

Goat feeders 014

Pearl (white cashmere), LaLa (black mohair), Sage (tan cashmere)

OUR ROAD…and the pothole mobile.

We fill the potholes on our 3/4 mile dead end gravel road.

12 responses to “Cast of Characters

  1. Delighted to have had an influence this direction! This will help people pick up the story in the middle.

  2. Ah, I see an idea for a slight enhancement. Older daughter and younger nurse daughter look quite similar. However, if younger nurse daughter had an old fashioned nurse hat with the red cross on front, she’d stand out like a neon sign.

    • Thanks, J.K. Astute point, and I’ve passed it on to the arteest-in-residence…since the truth is that the daughters do not look all that much alike. 🙂 lol

  3. Your life looks like a blast!

  4. WHAT a story, I can’t wait to read more. This is brilliant, genius, so nicely put together and so sweet because they are based on real people.
    Lorna xx

  5. I look forward to reading more of your blog, so far I enjoyed a few chuckles with your bearded one’s art and your words! Hopefully I’ll find time to check out your brilliant title “The Fava, the Sun, and the Holy Goat…”

  6. You have absolutely no idea how happy it makes me to see what you have done with that little place in the woods. It is amazing and wonderful.
    Hawaii is pretty amazing and wonderful as well. The longer I am here the more apparent it becomes that there isn’t any appeal in being anywhere else.
    Seem to be attached at the hip with Deborah. It’s a good thing.
    Hope life is wonderful and the new year is grand.

    • Hi Tom! How wonderful to hear from you. We are gratified that you like the evolution of your Olalla creation. AND we are both enchanted by your life in Hawaii. Enchanted! We have the picture of your new house on our fridge. We’ve painted the house full of color, too. Deborah would approve. Thanks for stopping by the blog. Christi

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