Fruit Chips Recipe

What you need:

  • Fresh Strawberries or Peaches
  • Blender or other machine that purees
  • Dehydrator

I use a full flat of strawberries, cutting the tops off, washing them, then cutting them in half and putting them in a blender, about 2 cups at a time, and pureeing.

A flat is four full bowls like these, and makes 20 cups of puree.

Fruit chips 002

This pitcher holds 10 cups.  Here also are the plastic liners for the trays that hold the puree.

Fruit chips 004

Pour 2-1/2 cups of puree into each plastic liner in the tray.

Fruit chips 005

Set the dehydrator for about 140-145 degrees F.  Note:  there are 8 trays in this $150 dehydrator, complete with 2 kinds of liners, a good deal.  I have just 7 trays full of puree going here.

Fruit chips 006

After 4 hours, it’s still fluffy and has moisture.

Fruit chips 007

After 9 hours, the top is dry but the bottom is still moist.

Fruit chips 008

At 11 hours, I remove them from the liner, wash the sticky off the liners and flip the disk over to dry the bottom a bit more.

Fruit chips 009

This is 12 hours, but I let it dry for 2 more hours after this, for crispness.

Fruit chips 010

Here is the finished product!

Fruit chips 012

Ready for breaking up and bagging.  No added anything, just straight strawberry.

2 responses to “Fruit Chips Recipe

  1. This is just brilliant! I always wanted to know how it works, thanks!

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