A Window of Opportunity

I climb out of the truck and reach for the house key on my key chain.  Which now has only one key, the truck key.  Oops.  I removed the house keys from both our key chains yesterday.

One of my jobs was sorting all of the keys, separating and labeling them for the new owner and it dawns on me that in the excitement of the Title Company’s call — “The papers are ready to sign!”


— I’d grabbed only my truck key as had the Bearded One.  We are, for the first time since moving here seven years ago, locked out of the house.

“Call Kathi,” the Bearded One says, taking charge.  “I’ll look for an open window.”

“Roger,” I say.  I leave a harebrained message for Kathi the Realtor.  Her electronic realtor gizmo can open the official realtor box with a key inside.  Maybe she’s nearby.


We hardly ever leave, I think, but for one reason or another we’ve left the house every day this week.  Garfield knows something’s up, possibly even that we’re all leaving soon.  He walks around the living room regularly inspecting his own cat carrier and luggage (he’s being adopted by my niece and her husband and 18 month old daughter) as well as the fascinating 4’x4’x4′ cube of stuff (mainly our tools) we are shipping to Hawaii.

stuff to Hawaii 003

The Bearded One circles back around the house to report he’s found an open window, the downstairs bathroom, and he’s going to fetch a ladder from the barn.


Kathi calls back and I explain and thank her for her willingness to come all the way from Tacoma (half hour) with the key to the key box, but we will get in, no problemo.

Meanwhile, the Bearded One is determined to save the day.  He props the ladder against the house, and heads up to climb in through the teeny window.


“I am so much better than you at wiggling through tight places,” I say, and he takes this is as a challenge.  Yeah, right, his expression says.  We have a wee argument as I hold the ladder.

He carefully removes the screen and hands it down to me.  Then he slides open the window, examining the 9″x20″ opening and the toilet below.

I steady the ladder and watch as he leans sideways, angling his head and arms and chest through.  Then he drops his head down toward the toilet and all he has to do is get his hips through, and they will not go.

A sad state of affairs, and I am truly concerned that he not hurt himself, but, dang it, he was so insistent, and now….oh my lord….he is kicking his feet wildly, trying for purchase against empty space, stuck in the bathroom window 10 feet off the ground.


I don’t make near enough effort to stifle my laughter.  The Bearded One is mad, but also contrite.  This apparently is a bit less humorous to him right at the moment.

We have helped each other in every way we can these past busy weeks, holding each other tenderly when we are both exhausted and a bit scared (me) and talking things through when we’re (me) grumpy with new computer stresses and playing out little disaster scenes in my head, and we are together and he is my heart and soul.

And here I am laughing at him.  I apologize.  He’s fine.  He grins.

“I thought I was skinnier than that window,” he says.

I wiggle through the window in seconds, drop down head first with one arm extended.  I couldn’t have done it without the toilet right there below the window, I explain later, modestly, after having saved the day.


I crawl down the toilet onto the floor, slowly kneel then stand up, brush myself off and trot through the house to open the door.  “We’re in!” I say — if only for a few more days.

27 responses to “A Window of Opportunity

  1. Excellent, life is good.

  2. Love it! You be the shimmey gal 🙂 Love the pic of all your belongings for Hawaii! Aloha!

  3. Yahoo! Things are working out just right as you say your goodbyes to the farmlet. Glad all the critters have their new homes — soon you will, too! Wow! It’s more real every day! xoxoB

  4. napperscompanion

    Legs out the window. You’re kind. I might have wet myself. John

  5. I have a toilet window story too, which one day I shall share with you in sunny Hawaii 🙂

    My heart stopped and my breath caught at the end of that one sentence…..and I think how wonderful – on top of all the wonderfulnesses of recent days this is the most wonderful No matter what happens, no matter where you go, no matter what you leave behind, you do all these things with your heart and soul and his entwined.

  6. This is my favorite story yet. How can you possibly find all this drama and intrigue in Paradise? Wait! Something tells me you will…… Love your blog.

  7. Oh wow that little description had me with tears in my eyes Christi and BO. I do have to wonder why you had to wiggle through as well and why BO just didn’t come around and open the front door for you. I’m so happy Garfield will be staying in the family as such. You’ll still be able to keep in touch with him from Hawaii 🙂 I fully expect to see little hula girl and boy stick figures very soon. How’s BO with hibiscus flowers? Have a wonderful life to come guys 🙂

  8. Being locked out was never so much fun for me as for the two of you! Nice work Christi and the Bearded One!

  9. LOL – I have locked out stories, too, but I’m not telling! 😉 Loved yours, though. I think what I love so much is how you two work together through it all . . . it’s awesome! I have a very good imagination and that picture of the poor BO with his legs out waving in the breeze . . .

    I can’t believe you are so close to moving; do you have a departure date yet?

    I’m waiting for the Hawai’ian cartoons to begin . . . what fun you are going to have!

    • The departure date is truly upon us, Linne. I’m getting a laptop computer TODAY and the next text you see from me will be from it…might be a few days! Changes everywhere. Love you, and hope Dorcus has revived. xxoo

      • I keep forgetting that you have done this before and that you haven’t been on the farmlet forever (seems like it, though). Must make it a bit easier (not to mention the rains of winter . . . Ridley Pearson, in his mysteries based in Seattle, calls it ‘the rinse cycle’ and it does take some getting used to. But soon you will have lovely weather most of the time. And Warm!! Dorcas seems ok, so far. Still getting used to the new digs, I expect. Will keep you posted . . .

        New laptop, too; perfect! You can write posts on the plane (or are you going by boat? That would be my preference, I think – but a smaller boat, not a cruise ship) . . . Can’t wait to see you in full hula gear . . . 😉

  10. Oh I laughed so much my husband said what’s so funny? Had to show him the picture and give him the run down, he thought it funny too. So lovely the line about him being your heart and soul. I know how you feel and we are truly blessed eh.

  11. How delicious :). You are so close to waving goodbye to The Farmlet and upping sticks and diving into those beautiful blue waters of Hawaii… what an adventure! I can’t wait to live vicariously through your posts (when you eventually start posting them that is 😉 )

  12. Very funny, I’ve been there.

  13. Cheering you on Christi — and enjoying the wonderful laugh this gave!

  14. OK, it’s been a few days . . . not nagging, you understand 😉 . . . just wanting to know what happened next?? Still chuckling over the window adventure, though; that should hold me ’til you get that laptop on the table. Hugs to you from the once-again snowy north . . . we should move and live next to you . . . ~ Linne

  15. Christine Widman

    I didn’t know you had posted the “locked out” story!!
    I have been picturing in my mind where you are at certain given moments in time. So I thought – it’s Wednesday…I’m here at my computer after a 4.5 mile walk with Donna tonight in Udall Park…I’ll just check…a possible post from Hawaii????
    So hello dear friend….wherever on land, sea or air that you are at this moment.
    Thinking about you.
    Smiling from the image of the Bearded One stuck in the bathroom window.
    Love the stick legs. lolol
    Sending Alohas and Hellos.
    Sending love across cyberspace, airspace, placespace.

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