Fairy Dust

It’s the Bearded One’s turn to sign the listing agreement.  We all know it’s killing him.  So Kathi the Realtor  and I sit back and stare out the newly-cleaned windows and marvel at the thick cedar pollen clouds, gusting and swirling like smoke, like fog on an otherwise brilliant spring day.

“This pollen is crazy,” says Kathi.  “I’ve got asthma!”

“It’s falling in Seattle, too,” I say.  “The kids tell me it’s because of these three sunny days.”  This morning the Bearded One used the leaf blower on the truck before rain comes and quickly converts the thick coat of dust into very durable permaculture.


I groan as I look at the thick new layer on every flat dark surface, inside or out, that I have recently cleaned or painted.  My shoulder aches from yesterday’s work:  turning the compost, cleaning the chicken coop from roost to nesting box, and raking out the berry patch.  I even ordered six seed packages, a gesture that accepts, sort of, our continued presence here awhile.  I’ve been a bit grumpy lately, feeling neither here nor there, courting a beloved buyer who will not call.

We tried to sell the house ourselves for 10 days.  Free ads and Zillow and home-made signs and word of mouth — and got two inquiries from agents wanting the listing, and two from ones interested in owner financing.  A friend advised us to bury a St. Joseph statuette upside-down in the yard and say a prayer, that this did the trick for her.  I didn’t want to buy a Joseph, and the Bearded One didn’t want me to bury the little Christmas nativity statue I have because I’d have to bury Mary and the Baby Jesus, too, and that couldn’t be lucky.


Now Kathi, my fairy godmother and real estate matchmaker, is taking over.

Kathi's card 002

Kathi sneezes and her eyes water, the Bearded One passes the paperwork to me to sign and initial, and then the phone rings.  The Bearded One goes to answer.

“This place looks like it’s just loaded with karma,” says a man named Chuck.  They saw our Zillow ad.

“Yes, indeed,” says the Bearded One, and invites Chuck and Amy and their enormous dog Dandy to come see the place.


“We’ll be there in an hour,” says Chuck.

“How did you do that?” I ask Kathi.  She laughs and shrugs and I say, “We hire you and get our first showing within a few seconds?! Everything is connected to everything, that’s all I can say.”

*   *   *

Kathi leaves and it takes me a half hour to stage the house, hiding stuff, clearing counters and tables, cleaning sinks and mirrors.  None of which makes much difference, but keeps me busy.


The pollen has stopped blowing for the time being anyway, and when Chuck and Amy arrive, right on time, there’s a glow in the air.

They are roughly our age.  They have just moved from Hawaii, they say, and now live a half hour away from here.  Their 30-year-old son is still in Hawaii, but coming soon and wants to raise chickens and alpacas and live on acreage in the woods.  Chuck and Amy have been scouting houses for him.

“Hi there,” I say to him through Chuck and Amy’s Skyping phone and camera.   Then Chuck carries him with us just ahead of the Bearded One and Amy and me and we walk the nature trail, tour the barn and aviary and hoophouse, and then, finally, the house.  The farmlet looks beautiful and magical and everyone can see it — even all the way over in Hawaii.


*   *   *

It comes out as a long, high-pitched wail, a hit of pure magical joy that literally pulls me out of the house and through the cat condo onto the pollen encrusted deck — “Yahhhhhhhhh  HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” when Kathi calls back (sneezing) the next day with their full price offer.  We are going to Hawaii.


22 responses to “Fairy Dust

  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!! Aloha! xox

  2. Robbyn Handel

    I almost expected Glinda the Goodwitch to appear…. Looks like you are headed to your Emerald City! Good luck!

  3. It’s all aligned – no room for doubting – just go with the process and enjoy! All will be well ……. our friend the Universe is on your side 🙂 Have you started hula classes yet?

  4. Joy! Permeates! Covers the distances!

  5. Victoria Miller

    Be it irony or symmetry – y’all’s home n Washington being purchased by someone moving from Hawaii so you can move to Hawaii… How appropriate! IT’S GONNA BE A REALITY! I am thrilled & excited for y’all to get the show on the road! What an adventure! Vic

  6. Wow I’m blown away by the Hawaii connection! Good luck and happy travels 🙂

  7. Christine Widman

    Yahhh Hooooo!!! for you and for the next step in your transition.
    A perfect from Hawaii to Hawaii plot “Aha!” in a novel – which no one would write because the editor would say it’s not believable.
    I say Yahhh Hoooo!!! for fairy tales come true.
    Hugs hugs hugs,

    • So true, Christine…no one would believe it if this were fiction. And the B.O. is over 800 pages into Michener’s Hawaii. He’ll finish it! Thanks for your cheers and love, Christi

  8. Fantastic news Christi! Full price and all!

  9. Perfect Karma, Christi! I’m so happy for you both . . . and for that young man finding HIS perfect home, too. Less than a day and full price! What a miracle. And yes, all of life is ‘woo-woo’; most people don’t see it and therefore don’t know how to use it. I see it, but haven’t mastered it yet . . . 😉

    I am so excited for you and now I get to have a vicarious life on Hawai’i! Thanks so much! 🙂 Now I really MUST look for my stargate . . .

  10. Wow, how gray is that! Good luck

  11. FINALLY got to “F” in my RSS Feed Read monster and here you are…off to Hawaii. To be honest I already knew that from FB but its official when you put it in your blog :). HUGE hugs from Sidmouth and like everyone who proceeded me, you are MEANT TO DO THIS! Anything the flows this easily means you are going in the right direction 🙂 Can’t WAIT to read about your new adventures and you found a wonderful home for garfield as well! See? You are being gently pushed towards your new life as each barrier gently falls, you can step over that tie and move to the next. Pretty soon you will be sitting in the sunshine, drinking mocktails and learning the vernacular 🙂

    • Thank you, Fran. It does seem like we are being pulled there, doesn’t it? One of my friends here said, “WHAT ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO DO OVER THERE??!” Sit in the sun, be loving, raise chickens, get a cat or two, be loving…maybe I’ll take a yoga class. We’ll see! I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

      • I think your friend is lacking vision…I mean “Hello… HAWAII!” is there any more to be said?!!! I think Hannah Kaminsky (Author of “” blog if you want to check it out… a wonderful vegan cookbook author and one of my dear constant readers) has recently moved there as well. You can
        Grow tropical fruit trees
        Bask in the gorgeous sun
        Swim in the gorgeous sea
        Hang out with gorgeous people (lots of layback hippies in Hawaii)
        Eat coconuts!!!
        Eat your weight in tropical fruit (can ONLY be a good thing…)
        Contemplate your navel (and your navel oranges in winter 😉 )
        Grow pretty much whatever you like, whenever you like as Hawaii aint gonna get a lot of frost
        Did I mention EAT COCONUTS!!!
        I could go on…and on…and on…and ON… but I won’t bore you but remember

        Eat ALL of the coconuts. My sage advice for Hawaii oh…and remember…to take photos of you eating ALL of the coconuts to make those of us wallowing sans coconuts UBER jealous especially that friend who asked you “WHAT ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO DO OVER THERE???!” 😉

  12. I am so excited for you both on your adventure. Things are falling right into place and you will be Hawaii-bound soon. Congratulations! What are the odds of this HI-WA switcheroo, I wonder? Sorry I’m so late on my response — been meaning to get back to this since I first read it. I can’t even imagine your level of excitement and anticipation! xoxoB

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