Beagles Who Need Beagles

Just like that, he swipes the napkin from my lap and races with sheer, urgent joy into the living room, flying like only a 9-week-old Beagle puppy dragster can.


The Bearded One and I are eating lunch in the midst of puppy chaos, and the very least of my concerns is a paper napkin — may it occupy him for a minute.  It doesn’t even make the growing list of puppy taboos, aka the Dogma.

“Would you like another?”  The Bearded One graciously hands me the napkin basket and I accept and dab it graciously to my lips, our universal skit of refined civilization out here in the sticks.


“Did you hear that?”  Now Arly is at the front door whining which, at this stage of life, could mean that he has to pee or poop.  Like any second.  But didn’t he just have a long, lavish pee outside for which he was lavishly praised?  Our perfect new puppy has pooped in the house every day since I told my daughter he hadn’t yet.

Arly in the living room 002

I put down my soup spoon and herd Arly across our tiny living room, past the pile of shredded napkin, to the back door and easier access to the yard.  I hold open the screen, but it’s raining and he hesitates.


“Come on.”  I step outside and circle to the other side of the door, but Arly’s still not buying it.  “Do you have to pee or not?”

“Garfield is yowling,” says the Bearded One from the kitchen table.  “Sounds like he’s upstairs.”

I can see the upstairs balcony deck, which is Garfield’s refuge these days — Arly isn’t allowed upstairs — and Garfield is not there.

“No, he’s not,” I say.  “Is he inside?”

The Bearded One wipes his mouth with his napkin, which is on the table and never in his lap, rises and scales the stairs to check.


Finally Arly steps outside and I shut the screen door after him.

“Not here!” the Bearded One shouts down to me from inside, upstairs.


“He must be in the cat condo then,” I yell from outside, downstairs.  The cat condo’s what we call the enclosed front porch.

The Bearded One comes back down the stairs to check.


From my perspective on the back deck, I see Garfield streak from the front deck and under the house.  “He’s coming around!” I call.  “Gar-field!”  Arly looks at me.  He’s forgotten why he is here and so have I.

I am here, I tell myself, because I want to live my life in the company of animals.  People who play with beagles are the luckiest beagles of all.

Suddenly Garfield climbs up the back stair railing and Arly and I both startle.

Arly and Garfield 004

I open the door and Garfield streaks in ahead of Arly, who barks.  I shut the door and join the Bearded One back at the lunch table, where he is just returning, readjusting the ice packs on his sacral, which was skronked after sleeping downstairs with Arly his first three nights here.

I unfold my new napkin.  Arly approaches, tail wagging.  Ready to go again.

“Ha, fool me once!” I say, and smoothe down my huge new bib.


14 responses to “Beagles Who Need Beagles

  1. I can only begin to imagine the chaos that Arly and Earl would make together. They even sound like they belong together ;). Earl didn’t get a walk yesterday because of late season inclement weather…Earl ate my fluffy cushion in spite. Steve has 3 cushions, all puffy and delectable on his sofa but the cushion that Earl chose to shred was mine…and mine alone…

    Arly is showing all the signs of being a true “character”. Can’t wait to read more about his exploits and how you learn to adjust to the slobbering scratching ear cocking love of your pudgy little boy :). Raining here too Arly…Welcome to Earl’s world 😉

    Off topic but I love that we seem to be reading each other’s blogs at the same time these days…no idea how that happens but you like my post, I like yours and I dare say we are tapping away at comments at the same time. Hugs to Arly, Earl is still asleep sprawled upside down between Steve and Bezial in his prize fighters fluffy dressing gown…it’s still raining steadily…that means “no walk today Earl”…I wonder what precious “consumable” of mine Earl is going to eat today? 😉

    • We are typing away to each other at the same time!! And thank the gods, Arly is exhausted after his morning frenzy. A neighbor said to me this week, “Ah, it keeps ya young!” Do you feel younger because of Earl?? 🙂

      • I feel many things because of Earl…”edgy…twitchy… wary…alert…tired…hot (he sleeps backed right into me on our bed till I get out at 3am)…excitable…”… SO many things I feel because of Earl 😉

  2. Ah the joys of puppy-hood – I remember them well! What’s a little poop here and there in exchange for all that sheer joy and exuberance! Enjoy!

  3. Thank you for another chapter in the life that is Farmlet. I can now get through Wednesday. Pet the pup for me.

  4. Christine Widman

    Puppy poop and pee training.
    I remember Buffy, our beautiful Afghan Hound puppy, LOVING the snow while I froze during the January days in upper state NY teaching her toilet “Dogma.”
    Thank goodness she was a very fast learner.
    Puppy exuberance and puppy chaos are inter-changable!
    “The Bearded One graciously hands me the napkin basket and I accept and dab it graciously to my lips, our universal skit of refined civilization out here in the sticks.” lolololol
    Big hugs,

    • Arly is learning, but puppies are babies and it takes time. Garfield’s patience is inspiring, which is a total surprise to me. He allows Arly to approach and nip, then he paws him away. Arly yips, and learns. And then Garfield hops up onto another level.

      And I swear, we are civilized around here, Christine, really. 🙂

  5. The pictures and words work together so well. I always enjoy reading about your small adventures.

  6. So lovely to meet Arly. The pure joy that comes with loving a dog….as narf77 said, one of the many emotions. My dog Layla gets the grumps without a walk also – shows displeasure with long sighs and poignant stares in our direction.
    I too look forward to your weekly posts 🙂 and the artwork!! As always so cute.

    • “Long sighs and poignant stares” lol Isn’t it a wonder how dogs (and cats) communicate their desires so clearly? I love the name Layla, and I love that you look forward to these vignettes. I’ll pass your compliment on to the B.O. 🙂

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