Computer Dogs

The two puppies on the computer screen are both mutts, but Frankie,

Frankie puppy

the Bearded One says, is more of a mutt, which is good.  And even though Buddy

Buddy puppy

is a gorgeous black and white mutt, he may have more Husky and Border Collie in him than our daughter and her new husband really want.  These breeds both need tons of exercise and attention.


“She wants to know what ‘Heinz 57’ means,” I say and laugh as I read her response out loud and the Bearded One paces the floor behind me.  This is the first real interest in dogs I’ve seen from him since Ruby died.

“Also the phrase ‘A+ acclimation’ needs explaining.”  The Bearded One is the family dog expert, but he doesn’t ever type and is no fan of computers.  And he uses strange steak sauce metaphors in his advice.

Ruby’s been dead two months now, and we haven’t exactly rushed our way toward getting another dog yet.  Which is kind of surprising to me.  The B.O. is a dog guy, but I’m in more of a hurry to get a puppy than he is.  When we get another dog, it will be mainly his to train as I love dogs but Garfield is my main squeeze.

“Sorry,” he dictates in his lawyer voice, all business as I begin to type the response. “A+ acclimation means they’ve spent time with various humans and other puppies from a very early age.


Less growling at strange dogs. Less suspicious nature around strange kids in your house. We only know this about Buddy. It’s not a negative for Frankie, it’s just a positive for Buddy.”

The Bearded One wants to see the pups again before he continues.

Frankie is the Heinz 57, a seven-week-old lab, hound, and Australian Shepard mix.  He’s over in Yakima, a two-and-a-half hour drive, one of a litter of nine pups in a shelter foster home.  Buddy is a bit older, but he is local.  The newlyweds have applied for both puppies.  It’s surprisingly hard to get a good puppy.  They get snatched up instantly.


“‘Heinz 57’ means a large number of different breeds have worked their way over four or five generations into this one puppy,” he says.  “This is a big contrast to a pup whose genes contain nothing but one or two particular breeds over the last several decades. Certain breeds are famous for catching certain diseases. ‘Plain old mutts’ are generally more healthy.”

Outside the wind rustles the cedar next to the house and golden needles swirl down, carpeting the deck.

The Bearded One clears his throat.  “Buddy is so gorgeous he could be on a dog food sack,” he says and I type.


“Having Husky in his blood is like having Border Collie — actually a bit more challenging. The feet say he’ll be big. I wonder what his current age is?  All my instincts are good on Buddy. That doesn’t mean he’ll be an easy-going grown up.


“As per our phone talk, nobody in all of Alaska could tell what Husky pups were going to be desirable as grown-ups. If ‘easy-going’ is a high priority for you, Buddy having both Husky and Border Collie potential is a downside, but the Lab part is famous as a way to breed calm dogs. I like Buddy.

“Frankie is more puzzling to me. The upper jaw and how it fits into the skull are somehow disquieting. It makes me wonder about other breeds’ possible involvement. I like both the lab and the hound in his potential lineage, but there’s not much hound to see if it’s there. Nonetheless, of the two dogs, I’ve a sneaking suspicion this is the one I’d go for. This is a funky dog. The opposite of a pure bred. Where on Earth did such a tiny pup get that beard?”


I look closely at the picture of Frankie, and sure enough, he has quite a beard.  This observation makes me laugh, and for the first time, I see a dog twinkle in the Bearded One’s eye as he says, “P.S.  I’m getting all excited about this now.”

*   *   *

They adopted Frankie on Saturday, October 5, and renamed him Roger.

Roger 8 weeks


22 responses to “Computer Dogs

  1. Precious Pie as my wonderful friend and co-worker would say 🙂 I didn’t see Roger’s beard at first….his soul patch?! 🙂 Precious Pie.

  2. That… is one beautiful pup! 🙂

  3. The beard is a disguise ;). Gotta say, adding lab doesn’t calm as much as we would have liked. Bezial is part lab and aside from wanting to jump into any puddle of water larger than a thimble full and having a bottomless pit where his stomach should be he doesn’t display “calm” at all. I loved Frankie when I saw him on Facebook the other day. He is going to be a big dog (the paws) but he has a sweet innocent face and that beard…gotta love a dog with a disguise ;). Hugs to you and the E.P. Love the lawyer voice by the way, it goes with the early Al Pacino to a tee ;).

    • By all reports, Roger is “chill.” Which is great news. 🙂 And he’s getting great acclimation with kids on their block every day. On Sunday Molly said there were 3 different dogs visiting! When the B.O. saw Roger’s 8-week photo, he noticed that he has his underwear pulled up super tight. lol He also could see that the beard was an optical delusion all along. 🙂

    • p.s. underwear = the white on his little chest

      On Wed, Oct 9, 2013 at 1:06 PM, Christi Glover wrote:

      > By all reports, Roger is “chill.” Which is great news. 🙂 And he’s > getting great acclimation with kids on their block every day. On Sunday > Molly said there were 3 different dogs visiting! When the B.O. saw Roger’s > 8-week photo, he noticed that he has his underwear pulled up super tight. > lol He also could see that the beard was an optical delusion all along. 🙂 > > >

  4. OMG, such cuties…at first when I saw the pictures I immediately thought, OH, a new puppy (or two) for the Glovers!! Maybe soon now, huh? As soon as you see your grandpuppy you won’t be able to resist, tee hee!

  5. I think I just learned a whole lot more about how to view dogs, who knew you could tell so much from a picture – your BO sure has a lot of knowledge on breeds!
    I am so hanging out to get a Orlando a friend and would really like it to be a pup, except my current address is really not suitable no matter how hard I pretend it is – so I shall vicariously enjoy any further posts you may publish on the joys of finding and getting a dog of your own 🙂 Just saying….

  6. Beautiful little guy 😀 Loved the picture of the dog in the recliner too.

  7. Christine Widman

    I hope we get more Roger photos as he is growing – sort of like one of those long plaques on a wall that measures children but with a doggie visual growth chart image???!!!!
    I have to say – being not a dog person and totally clueless about types of dogs – that I was quite drawn to Buddy. I agreed with the Bearded One “Buddy is so gorgeous he could be on a dog food sack.”
    But Roger is certainly adorable. I can see him with the newly weds. It feels like he matches them in a joie de vivre kind of way.
    I LOVE the drawing of the A+ people to dog acclimation. lol

    • Thank you, Christine. Roger had his first walk on a leash yesterday, according to Molly, and he visited her at work so he’s met just about half of Seattle now. And we were concerned about acclimation. lol 🙂

  8. Roger is adorable. We haven’t had a dog for several years now–and (in spite of all the reasons we don’t need another dog) this post makes me think that it might be fun to get another one.

    • Maybe it’s the weather and going into winter that makes a dog sound even better…fireside companionship. I love your blog, Sheryl — Neither of my grandmothers (born 1903 and 1916) would allow dogs or cats in the house. I wonder if that was a family idiosyncracy or if families a hundred years ago didn’t have pets indoors. Makes me wonder if your wonderful diary-keeping grandmother Helena had an indoor dog?? 🙂

  9. Both of those fellas are pretty darned handsome, if you ask me. I’ve always preferred a mutt; they just seem to be better adjusted. Plus, mutt-people seem less snooty than purebred-people. Just an observation. Congrats to the newlyweds on their ‘baby’! Thanks for sharing cute puppyness. And I, too, love the dog in the recliner. Our Daisy girl would pose like that if we let her on the furniture… haha!

    • Thank you, Becky. I can’t quite call Roger our grand-dog, but that’s what my daughter says he is. 🙂 There’s nothing so sweet and life-affirming as a baby of any species! lol It’s amazing how calm and well-adjusted he is at such a young age, too. He was well fostered, but he’s also a nice mix of breeds. Pure-breds can have so many “issues.” I love the pictures of your Daisy sleeping on her back! I think of that every so often and just smile.

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