Love, Lover, Glover — What’s in a Name?

Garfield crouches on the finished part of the new deck where he can see into the living room.  He watches me on the couch as I practice my four lines for our daughter’s wedding.

“Rumi was a much beloved 13th century Persian poet,” I say.  “Here are his words from 700 years ago.”  Lines one and two flawlessly delivered.


The cat gives me an eye squeeze.  He’s all about love these days, with his dog pal Ruby dead two weeks now.  I look out past the cat at the sweet pea teepee which is going to seed.

Its deep purple blossoms, the same color as my party skirt, catch my attention.

Seed saving 001

I blank on the third line, which is the actual quote.  Dangit.

*   *   *

My long purple hippie skirt sways as I walk our dirt road a quarter mile to a neighbor’s backyard party.  It rained the end of last week, so the dust is minimized. My feet stay nicely pebble-free in my sandals.  The Bearded One wears his Hawaiian shirt and clean picnic baseball cap.  He takes my hand.


In my other hand I carry a gift bag for a 22-year-old headed to Marine boot camp in North Carolina tomorrow.  She can’t take anything with her except white underwear and a sports bra, so the jam and book (Transitions by William Bridges) are really for her parents.  Everyone on our road is in transition, it seems, so I ordered an extra book when I bought Momma Goose her copy.


“I’m going to introduce myself today as Christi Glover,” I say to the Bearded One Glover, my husband since 1997, and smile big.  I made the decision to change my name this week, but no one but close family knows yet.

I kept Killien not only because the kids were young and we wanted them to have the same last name as their mom, but also for my children’s book writing career.  Now the kids are grown and getting married, and what I’m creating is different, so I’m marking it all with the third name of my life.  I was born Christi Marie Overturf, changed to Christi Overturf Killien in 1980, and now until the end, I think, I’m Christi Marie Glover.  I love the “lover” in the name.  It feels right.


I’m nervous.  And excited.  And a bit giddy.  This feels like such a huge deal.  The Bearded One squeezes my hand again and again as we walk.  He kisses my palm.


We stay at the party for an hour.  There are just a few people I don’t know, but I don’t get to use my new last name at all.  In fact, even though I’m still glowing, to the rest of humanity I can see that it’s really no big deal.  Which, I decide, is another good thing.

*   *   *

Now I remember the quote part.  I get up from the couch and clear my throat.  The cat listens intently.

“Let yourself be silently drawn,

by the strange pull

of what you really love.

It will not lead you astray.”


29 responses to “Love, Lover, Glover — What’s in a Name?

  1. Oh I love this, from the hippie skirt (in purple, no less!) to the quote. Glover — I like it! Congratulations on the happy decision!

  2. Tears in my eyes. Love it.

  3. I adore this so much, Christi- changing your name is such a huge and beautiful thing (and your timing is so lovely). Can’t wait to see the subtle (and possibly not so subtle) ways this causes some shifts in your life- how could it not, especially with “lover” in the name?

  4. Sweet! Enjoyed reading this 🙂

  5. It suits you, purple skirt and all. Hippies were lovers in the beginning, right? Now, you can say the ‘G’ stands for ‘great’, or ‘good’ or even ‘gorgeous’. Another great story.

  6. [G]lover it! My weekly dose of reality romance has come in and hit the spot, all good wishes for the events of the coming days!

  7. Thank you Christi. I’ve been divorced for over 13 years now and, like you, I kept my married last name for the sake of the kids. They have all grown up and moved on and it is time for my beautiful devoted fiance and I to finally get married and for me to take his name. The beauty of the future in exchange for the memories of the past. I also run things past the cats (Molly and Bubbles) for their approval as well 😀

    • Thank you, Cathy. 🙂 My daughters both told me they were glad that I kept Killien — it made things easier for them. And it is a beautiful name; I just don’t feel like one anymore. Congratulations on your engagement! Molly and Bubbles, how could they say no? oh,yeah, they’re cats… 🙂

  8. Enjoy!
    Overturf is also an excellent surname; not one I’ve come across before.
    I blog under my husband’s mother’s maiden name – Cattanach – because it’s unusual and I love it…it’s very satisfying to say in a Scottish accent!

  9. I’m at the opposite end of US, Key West Florida to be exact. Funny how you can touch me so deeply from so far. Now I can call you groverette.

    • Thanks, Suzanne. I’m in my 9 year of the 9-year cycle in Numerology. Name change doesn’t affect the birth path number, which is how you find your year. I’m definitely at the end of a cycle, which is a beginning, so this is fine timing by the stars. 🙂 Love you!

  10. Beautiful! I enjoyed reading this.

  11. I have to tell you again how much I love the Bearded One’s graphics, how much I love the way you think, consider, deliver!

  12. Christine Widman

    I was in the NW as you honored the “strange pull” and changed your last name.
    Love was in the air last week. And transitions.
    In the blue summer sky…the soft twilights…the hint of gold in the leaves…the glowing bride and groom.
    So glad I was able to see you in your gorgeous purple hippy skirt before I took to the air and flew back here to my love in the SW.

    • The pull of your sweet husband and partner, who ran the B&B alone so you could come to the Pacific Northwest and reconnect, face to face, with so many family and friends. You pull us all together and I love your visits. Thanks also for your help on the name change, Christine. It pulled me through. xxxooo

  13. That ma’am is a beautiful, honest and incredibly real quote. Congratulations Mrs Glover for part 3 and Mr Glover because this means she is staying 🙂

    • Ha! I’m staying, yes. Mrs Pimblett, good to hear from you, as you recover from your beastly uncreative class and everything else winterish down there on Serendipity Farm, Tasmania. The seasons are changing. 🙂

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