The Fava, the Sun, and the Holy Goat

Note the cedar branch building materials all laid out for the hoop house.

“Teeney tiny” is Texan for less than three acres.  My husband and I were both raised in Texas, but I’ve been up north now for 32 years, him for 17.  He still has an accent, and it comes out in print now and then when he chimes in.

Our farmlet is just 2.5 acres, and half of that is forest.  My husband is a retired lawyer who still has law firm nightmares, but mostly he dreams of motorcycles and endless outdoor projects.  I am a free-range writer and an empty nest mother of three Twenty-Somethings.  We have a dog, Ruby, and cat, Garfield, and together we are living cheaply and richly.  This blog will be about our chickens and goats as we acquire them, and our gardens…the Fava, the Sun, and the Holy Goat, as my husband put it last summer when we were working in the Circle Garden and feeling particularly grateful.

We’re Boomers in our mid-fifties.  As a generation, we’ve had it good, from the 1960s-70s hippies and the Awakening, to the 1980s-90s yuppies and the Unraveling, to this 21st Century Crisis where our job now is to support the younger generations.  It’s no longer about us, and we need to stay out of trouble.  Hence this weekly blog, just because we are still here and trying to be loving creatures.

To borrow from “The Red Green Show” and to slightly revise its men’s club prayer:  I’m a Boomer, But I can change, If I have to, I guess.

Ruby was playing Congress today

I’ll try to post faithfully on Thursdays.  Next week, the building of our hoop house!


6 responses to “The Fava, the Sun, and the Holy Goat

  1. Brilliant!
    Can’t wait to read the next blog and find out what a hoop house actually is so I can get you a hoophousewarming gift!

  2. Hey Christi –
    Great launch! – And how nice to think that we’ll now be able to visit you and Keith weekly. May the GOAT soon become a reality; the SUN shine more intensely than normal, and the FAVA flourish under your care!
    Cheers and best of luck,

  3. Christine Widman

    Past midnight musings.
    I too want to know what a hoop house is!
    As you know, I love sharing through cyberspace your life on the farmlette. Blessing on the blog site!
    Hugs, Christine

  4. What a delight! Never a dull moment with you. This is a great idea and I look forward to reading about your adventures. I know you and Keith work very hard, but it always sounds like you are having fun. Keep on writing.
    Love, Mom

  5. What a great idea !
    I cant wait to read the updates when the feathered flock comes!

  6. What a beautifully presented blog, Christi. A joy to read. It will become a bible for Jack and me when we start planning our garden at the new place.

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